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Everyday Landscapes

by Jay Tang
Fine art photographer

Feixueniao stamp

About the photographer and visual artist

Jay Tang is a visual artist, freelance photographer and visual designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, or as he likes to call himself: a visual creature. He helps organisations and brands to visualise their ideas and to better visual communication efforts. 

As a photographer, he graduated with the highest honours from the study Fotografisch Vormgeving (Photographic Design) at the Fotovakschool School (University of Applied Photography) in Amsterdam in 2015. In that same year he was awarded 2nd prize at the Keep an Eye Fotovakschool Grant 2015 for his project ‘Son, this is your home’ (working title).

As an artist, he draws his inspiration from his background as a second generation Hong Kong immigrant, born and raised in The Netherlands. The identity of mixed cultures has shaped him as a person and as an artist. His body of work in the ‘Everyday Landscapes’ serie – An abstract serie of landscape photographs created with everyday material, like paper, plastic bags and tissues – has been exhibited in metropolitan cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Chicago and Hong Kong. In 2020, he collaborates with Anita Neve Galerie, to produce his first solo exhibition.

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Photo & Art series


Everyday Landscapes

Abstract landscapes inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, created with everyday material, like paper, tissues, plastic bags and more.

Everyday Flora: Blossoming Flower

Everyday Flora

Illusions of different kinds of flowers created using paper and cling foil.

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Jay Tang is a visual artist and fine art photographer based in Amsterdam, known for his work in the ‘Everyday Landscapes’ serie – abstract landscapes created using everyday objects and material, like paper, tissues and cling foil.


Zamenhofstraat 150/unit 7
1022 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands


+31 (0)6 14188836

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